The starting point of Wintergarden, like that of In the Palace, was Martin’s fascination with a piece of sculpture – in this case, an unrealised monumental statue of Persephone, Greek goddess of the underworld. This statue was meant to tower over the De La Warr Pavilion, a modernist masterpiece on England’s south coast, romantic embodiment of ‘socialism by the sea’, and the primary location for this film. It was the Pavilion’s architect, Eric Mendelsohn, who, in the 1930’s, proposed, and then abandoned, plans for Persephone to grace his 20th century ‘wintergarden’, although she seemed a peculiar choice to embody the upbeat, health conscious, quasi-sanitorium character of his building. Perhaps Mendelsohn, a Jew exiled from Weimar Berlin, chose this split, dark goddess because she mirrored his own state of exile.

Wintergarden revivifies this lost project, using the structure of the Pavilion as armature, and for flesh: a young woman’s climb, downwards, into a strange world of song. Alternating between dark and light, between upward lifting and downward spiraling, Wintergarden awakens a dynamic tension between opposites. The film moves beyond historical reference to the period between the world wars by pointing towards, more generally, captive emotions that shadow heroism.


Nina Fog
Jenny Tarren
Maja Ratkje
Sophie Arstall
Minami Tamagawa
Katy Wood
Lucy Card
Zoe Duano
Rachel Healey
Lucy Hemmings
Jessica Highfield
Lauren Hutchinson
Tori Morgan Jones
Emily Kempson
Emma Matthews
Gemma Maynard
Jenny Poll
Anne Marie Stretton


Henrietta Hale

Maja Ratkje

Costume Designer
Hamish Morrow

Director of Photography
Noski Deville

Ülrike Munch

Sound Designer
Franco Adams

Head of Production
Bevis Bowden

Production Coordinator
Nina Ernst

First Assistant Director
Ioanna Karavela

Second Assistant Director
Karenjit Sahota

First Camera Assistant
David Wyatt

Second Camera Assistant
Pete Emery

Third Camera Assistant
Roland Grafenstein

Tom Guy

Best Boy
Shaun Mone

Paul Brennan
Andrew Green

Location Extreme

Alex Coverly

Sound Recordist
Franco Adams

Still Photographer
Peter Fauland

Makeup Artist
Caroline Weston

Costumes Assistants
Oden Wilson
Jemma Corbett

Production Assistant
Anna Vass

Rory Heffernan
Holly Heffernan
Elias Saunders-Deutsch

Thanks to

Peter Caw
Celia Davies
Jennifer Ginbey
Len Thornton
Tony Williams

Commissioned by

De La Warr Pavilion
Film and Video Umbrella