Sensorium Tests


Within a scientific laboratory, subjective perceptions take center stage. A woman is measured for her capacity to respond to sensory stimuli while two researchers, hidden behind a one way mirror, look on. The subject’s responses to selected objects mimic the real-life neurological phenomenon of synaesthesia, the inextricable joining of normally separate perceptions (‘hearing’ colors, ‘smelling’ words, ‘tasting’ shapes, ‘feeling’ names). In particular, our protagonist is tested for a peculiar form in which visually observed touch –to objects or to people- is felt viscerally on her own body. As the experiment progresses, the synaesthete senses a presence behind the one-way mirror. Sensorium Tests questions how sensations might be created and shared between people and objects.

Cast Onscreen

Anamaria Marinca
Valeria Napoleone
Mark Barker
Flo Brooks
Susanne Bürner
James Wannerton

Cast Voiceovers

Daniella Dessa
Michael Dixon
Dan Mersh


Director of Photography
Suzie Lavelle

Guy Ducker

Sound Editor
Franziska Treutler

Zeena Parkins

Pundersons Gardens

Line Producer
Marcus Werner Hed

Production Manager
Bibi Lacroix

1st Assistant Director
Peter Lee Scott

Additional Cinematography
Jaime Feuil-Torres

First Assistant Camera
Pete Lowden

Second Assistant Camera
Joe Martin

Pablo Rojo

Matt Dowler

Chris Brennan

Sound Recordist
Jerome McCann

Set Designer
Alex Breeden

Props Buyer
Robert Sinnott

Props Assistant
Sharon Clancey

Art Department Assistants
Stephanie Williams
William Breeden

Make-up Artist
Bunny Hazel Clarke

Ellie Gray

Cosimo Lipparini

Lab Scheduler
Steven Mitchell

Mato Der Avanesian

Stills Photographer
Thierry Bal

Post-production Supervisor
Jesse Watt

William Winant performing on the
Lou Harrison Gamelan

Thanks to

Martin Crimp
Michael Banissy
Jamie Ward
Simon Baron-Cohen
Walt Rose
Steven Mitchell
Sean Day
Those synasthetes whose accounts are heard as voice-overs in the film: Barbara Gould
Omar Gould
Ramona Fernandez
Jean Benitz
Catherine Young

Funded by

The Wellcome Trust
Arts Council England