A Hunger Artist adapts Kafka’s 1924 short story, an ambiguous allegory about spectacle and spectators; power, narcissism, and resistance. A public showman fasts for years to wide adulation, until his craft goes out of style. He is left to perform for unappreciative spectators and, ultimately, to barely please only himself, unto death. The film highlights the contradictory human experience of our bodies as both ‘objects’ and ‘subjects.’


Hayley Carmichael

Oliver Ryan

Kate Duchêne



Nick Gill

Laura Shacham

Performance Director
Joseph Alford

Director of Photography
Suzie Lavelle

Art Director
Billur Turan

Guy Ducker

Zeena Parkins

Sound Recordist
Christian Bourne

Sound Designer
Daniel Jaramillo

Executive Producer
Marcus Werner Hed

Production Manager
Nicholas Clegg

1st Assistant Camera
Jon Howard

2nd Assistant Camera
Joe Martin

Digital Imaging Technicians
Simon J. Brooks
Villing Chong

Ben Lowe

Carolina Schmidtholstein

Jenny Dyson
Kev Cooley

Projection Manager
Will Francome

Animal Animations
Robert Rapoport

Stills Photographer
Thierry Bal

1st Assistant Director
Jacques Simon

2nd Assistant Director (1st sub)
Laurent Durham

3rd Assistant Director
Josie Kyan

Boom Operators
Sam Masters
Anna Robinson

Make Up
Sara Menitra

Make Up Assistants
Siena Powloski
Claire Walker

Costume Designer
Lucas Trattou

Costume Assistants
Estera Parker
Naoise Farrell

Prop Manager
Sophie Shickle

Set Builder
Piers Jamson

Art Department Assistants
Julien Bader
Tom Chisholm

William Wyld

Beau Wicks

Art Department Runner
Will Robinson

Leyla Alizada
Joseph Durr
Robbie Pyburn
Alexander Boulos
Lydia Muir
Dominic Innes

Matthew Dewsbury

Additional Casting
Joseph Alford

Additonal Cast
Waiter: Tom Godwin
Bearded Man: Joseph Alford
Girl Volunteer: Mina Alford
Mother and Baby: Gemma and Camille Atkinson
Ladies from the Audience: Jennifer Jackson and Sacha Plaige
Butchers: Tim Fordyce, Will Robinson, Joseph Quartson,Jan Van Der Black
Marching Band: Nicky Jenkins, Jody Haycocks, Geoff Moore, Haydn Leech, Dan Sparkes
Girl with Doll, and Mother: Anna and Katy Robb
Sousaphone Player: Nicky Jenkins
Supervisor’s Assistant: Madalene Clegg
Jugglers and Angel: Jo and Jake Galbraith
Crab-walking Girl: Anna Robb
Bearded Man’s Son: Laszlo Alford
Panther Handler: Emile Smith
Additional Movement: Jennifer Jackson, Tom Godwin, Sacha Plaige
ADR Performance: Tom Godwin, Sacha Plaige

Cast: Spectators
George Bailey
Richard Beadle
Kevin Bedford
Paul Boughton
Raymond Burnet
Christian Carroll
Douglas Clegg
Samuel Dauncey
Diego De Las Heras Pardo
Ema Epps
Rafael Escardo
Anna Pye
Ksenia Gumerova
Thomas Hardwick Allan
Nick Hall
Mattina Hiwaizi
Charlotte Hussey
Pauline Jackson
Dominic James Chadwick
Margaret Jennings
Iryna Kril
Melisa Kril
Nikol Kril
Evangeline Ling
Rosie Lonsdale
Cocoy Lumbao
Rosa Mollona
Sofia Mollona
Andrew Ogleby
George Palmer
Tom Shacham
Sue Reardon Smith
Leonor Serrano Rivas
Morrie Shimidzu Yearsley
Bastian Stern
Oli Russell
Rebecca Thornton
Ece Tekbulut
Antonia Tietze
Luna Tosin
Catherine Treveil
Margrethe Troensegaard
Ella Turner Bridge
Niall Urquhart
Matthew Vickers
Rita Wallace
Keith Yearsley
Kariss Young

Mario Inchenko

Visual Effects
Andy Quinn

Foley Artist
Marco Toca Ramirez

Vic Parker at Raised by Wolves

Additional Percussion
Willie Wynat

Circus Organ Music
‘Tulips of Amsterdam’ composed by Klaus-Günter Neumann

‘Radetzky March’
Composed by Johann Strauss Sr.
Performed by The Oompah Band

Made at
3Mills Studios, London, England
With special thanks to
Panalux, One Stop Films, Blitz Rigging, SANDS catering & MFL Brass

Dennis Herman
Nikola Kern
Aikaterini Fotopoulou
Jerwood Space
Amanda Lawrence
Lydia Matthews
Nicholas Ollivere
Emily Troscianko
Manos Tsakiris
Carolina Valdes

Thanks to
Jim Clubb at Amazing Animals
Steven Bode
Elinor Cleghorn
Sara Cluggish
Lina Dzuverovic
Melissa Gordon
Robyn Haddon
Amy Hounsell
Victoria Knowland
Laura Sillars
Jens Hoffmann
Oliver Evans
Heike Catherina Mertens
Massimiliano Mollona
Katja Naie
Pavel Pys
Ritchie Robertson
Corin Sworn
Erol Turan
Nuray Turan
Xiao-Yen Wang
Edmund Waller Primary School
John Stainer School
Prendergast School
Rockmount Primary School

Made with generous support by
Site Gallery, Sheffield, UK
Schering Stiftung, Berlin, Germany
Visual, Carlow, Ireland

Further funding provided by
Arts Council England, London, UK
Wellcome Trust, London, UK
Oxford University, Oxford, UK
Ruskin School of Art, Oxford, UK
St John’s College, Oxford, UK